5 Benefits Of Cedarwood Oil on the Skin And More

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5 Benefits Of Cedarwood Oil on the Skin And More

Health care is one area of life that no one can overlook. This is because taking care of our health is fundamental to any other activity that we may want to undertake. It is only the healthy that undertake the various tasks, duties, and obligations that we have to carry out.

One area of health that is sometimes overlooked is skincare. Its neglect often leads to various skin conditions that can ordinarily be taken care of if properly looked into. On the other hand, those who are interested in taking care of their skin might not know of some products that can be of great help to the skin.

Currently, research has shown that cedarwood oil is of great benefit to the skin and serves many other benefits for people. But first, what is cedarwood oil?

What Is A Cedar Wood?

This is the substance gotten from the leaves, bark, needles, and berries of cedar trees. Cedar trees are of various varieties and in some places, some even lump in juniper trees as cedarwood trees because of their similarities.

The reason for the popularity of cedarwood oil, however, is tied to the discovery of some of its health benefits on the human body among its other uses. Some of its benefits are:

A Treatment For Acne

Cedarwood oil is proven to help treat acne skin conditions. For this reason, some people combine it with their regular body creams while some use it as astringents. Others, however, apply it directly to their faces using a cotton ball or a swab after diluting the oil and then wash it off after about fifteen minutes of leaving it on their faces. This way, they are able to handle the pimples, white or blackheads, and all other acne conditions on their face.

Repels Moths And Fleas

One of the disappointing experiences that many people have experienced is coming to see that your fabric has been attacked by moths or ticks and fleas on your pet’s body. Cedarwood oil repels these pests from coming close to you or your property. You should however be careful about applying this oil on your pet’s body as they might be allergic to it. seek a vet’s opinion.

It’s An Ingredient For The Making Of Perfumes

One notable quality of the cedarwood oil is its fragrance which many people love. For this reason, it’s been used by various fragrance makers as an ingredient in the making of various perfumes both on a commercial scale and on an individual level.

It Is Used in Aromatherapy

Simply put for those who might not know, aromatherapy simply refers to therapy through inhaling an aroma that has a soothing effect on your body system. This is one of the benefits of cedarwood oil. Beyond personal thought, it can be sprayed or poured into an atomizer bottle and then sprayed at strategic corners of your house to scent it.

It Is Used For Hair loss And Scalp Conditions

Massaging cedarwood oil on your head helps to stop hair loss as it helps to fight the disease responsible for attacking your hair follicles which causes this hair loss known as alopecia areata. By fighting this disease, it is able to boost hair growth. It also helps to heal your scalp by soothing the flaking or itchy scalp while fighting off other hair conditions like scalp eczema and dandruff so that your hair becomes very healthy.


Nature has provided a lot of things that are very helpful for human wellbeing. One of such nature’s produce is the cedarwood tree and the oil that comes from it. Its benefits are such that lots of persons can benefit from it. You can also study more to find out other benefits that might be useful to you or your loved one.

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