5 Skin Benefits Of Avocado Oil

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5 Skin Benefits Of Avocado Oil

There are a lot of things in nature that are of benefit to humans. Many a time, it gets discovered that a leaf, herb, fruit or vegetable has several benefits aside from the benefit that it was known for. This usually prompts more research so that more will be known of the benefits of the plant.

The same is true of the avocado. Previously, avocado oil was used mostly for cooking meals but more has been discovered about the benefits of this oil on the skin.

What is The Avocado Oil?

This is the oil extracted from the pulp of an avocado. It is an edible oil that was previously used mostly for cooking or be taken raw; it can also be used as a lubricant.

There are many health benefits of avocado oil and this is because of the properties which it contains. For example, It is rich in vitamin E and in monosaturated fats among other properties.

Avocado Oil For The Skin

This is another area where avocado oil has proven to be very useful. It has various benefits for the skin and this explains why many in the beauty industry use in making their products. Some of the health benefits of the avocado to the skin are:

It Calms Inflammation Or Itchy Skin

One of the skin challenges that people face is the challenge of itchy skin. This condition is known to be of great inconvenience to people as it usually results in skin inflammation. Also, people with this skin condition usually would either have psoriasis or eczema. Avocado oil is able to calm the itching skin if applied directly to it or if mixed up with the body lotion one takes.

Moisturizes The Skin

Whether you have a skin condition or not, it is important that you understand that avocado oil is a skin moisturizer. If you check the ingredients in the skin lotion that you use, you may find out that avocado oil might be one of the ingredients that constitute the lotion’s makeup. Therefore, it is generally advised that you use it or mix it with the body lotion that you use.

Treats And Prevents Acne

One skin condition that a lot of people have is acne and it usually happens to people with oily skin. However, avocado when applied and left on the skin keeps the skin hydrated removes all oily residue reducing the risk of acne in the first place. The same rule also applies if you already have a skin condition. Again, it also removes the skin redness and inflammation that comes with this skin condition.

Facilitates Speedy Healing Of The Skin

Injuries from accidents do occur on our bodies especially the slight cuts or bruising’s and other domestic accidents, no matter how careful we are. And these injuries, when they occur affect our skin. One thing which we all would want at such a time is speedy healing of the injuries on our body and thanks to avocado oil, we have something that can facilitate the speedy healing of these injuries.

Treats Sunburns On The Skin

Depending on the weather in your area, you might have to deal with sunburns at a point in time especially if you are schedule keeps you exposed to the sun. At other times, you might have gone to the beach on a hot summer day and may unwittingly have exposed yourself too much to the sun. Do not worry much, avocado oil is able to treat sunburns on the skin and your skin would soon be returned to its normal state.


Taking care of our bodies is a task that we should all undertake with the due seriousness that it deserves. This means that we should take measures to prevent certain skin conditions from occurring on our skin. However, even when a skin condition might occur, know that you have a remedy in the avocado oil.


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