5 Ways to have a Glowing Skin during Pregnancy

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5 Ways to have a Glowing Skin during Pregnancy

During the early days of pregnancy, women are faced with many fears one of which is how their appearance would be in the coming months. Well, your appearance during pregnancy can’t really be altered but you can maximumly influence and ensure that your skin glows all through your pregnancy period.

Always try to keep your skin covered

Due to increased hormone levels, a woman’s skin is usually sensitive during pregnancy and too much exposure to the sun will further discolour the skin and make it look darker.

Take the right quantity of folic acid as prescribed by your doctor

Folic acid is usually used as a dietary supplement that helps the body in the improvement and development of new healthy skin and hair cells. It also helps the body in producing RNA and DNA.
Some food items that contain folic acid include

leafy greens

Taking a good quantity of the above listed food items will help to maintain your skin colour during and after pregnancy.

Consume vitamin C in large quantity

Vitamin C is one of the known essential vitamins that have been proven to contribute a lot in ensuring that you have a glowing skin.

Vitamin C helps to stimulate the production of collagen and other tissues that facilitate better skin health.

Ensure you constantly take in enough water

One of the keys to having a healthy, glowing skin is by staying hydrated. This is because a high water intake will help to ensure that your skin is always moisturized and radiant.

Avoid stress

Too much stress has a way of making the skin look dull and dry. But when you get enough sleep, it helps you to look well rested, healthy and fresh.

Take a yoga class

Yoga has been proven to contribute to skin health and glow. So during pregnancy, you should consider taking a yoga class so as to enhance your skin glow.

Apply natural skin oils

Applying natural skin oils like aloe vera and castor oil can massively help in promoting your skin colour making it radiate even more.


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