6 Natural Ways To Detangle Your Weavons During Harmattan

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6 Natural Ways To Detangle Your Weavons During Harmattan

Natural Ways To Detangle Your Weavons During Harmattan is a content that every individual with grown hair needs to read.

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. This is a popular line from the good book and for us here in this part of the world, it is the harmattan season.

With this season comes certain weather challenges that our body and even health have to face (yeah, it is all part of the package). Some of these challenges include; dryness of the skin, lips, hair  and probably take steps to prevent yourself from getting catarrh. Responsibility demands that we get prepared and try as much as possible to arm ourselves and our loved ones against these challenges.

One area that many people (well… the ladies basically) fail to handle properly or even do not know how to handle is the harmattan effect on their weavon. The knowledge on how to go about this has simply escaped many people and so, many people have weavon issues during the harmattan period. Here are some tips on how to go about detangling and generally taking care of your weavon this harmattan season.

Comb It

Yeah! Pretty basic right? well, a lot of people do not really take out the time to comb their weavons. They might do so once in a while but not regularly. However, in this season, you have to do this more regularly and more thoroughly. Do not just comb the top part only, ensure you comb the nape and every other part thoroughly too.

Reduce Serum Usage

Yes, we all know the benefit of using serum on your weavon (it makes them look shiny and smooth). While they are beneficial to the user, you must have to reduce usage this season as they can attract dirt and grime to your hair and may end up being uncomfortable for you making you to have to wash them much more constantly.

Hang After Wear

I know that you must be tired after a long day (or night) out, but ensure that you hang your weavon and not just throw it about after use. This increases the chance that it will pick up dirt and grime instead, get a dummy head or a wig hanger for it.

Do Not Expose It To Much Heat

While blowing and hot curling them is quite good for the weavons, they should not be exposed to too much heat. These practices though good should be done sparingly. Again, heat protectants can be used to shield or minimize the effect of heat on them.

Wash Them

Do not forget to set out times to wash your weavons and wigs. This is the best way to remove the dirt and grime that it must have acquired after a use. This can be done monthly or after about three weeks of use. Remember to use a good shampoo and conditioner to do this for maximum effects.

Renew The Weavon

This is the equivalent of remaking a product. The idea is to make it look new as you resume wearing it. The problem is, unless you are a professional, you shouldn’t try to do this yourself. Again, note that this is usually not a costly process.

  Get a professional to do this for you and continue enjoying your good as new weavon


Taking good care of the accessories that we use is of huge benefit to us the users, it is even part of our personal hygiene. This care is even more important now that we are in the harmattan season. Therefore, in other to keep looking smart and beautiful with detangled weavons, apply the above tips.


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