7 Benefits of using Lemon

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7 Benefits of using Lemon

What is lemon?

The lemon fruit is an edible but highly acidic fruit that belongs to the citrus or the Rutaceae family of the known flowering plants.

Have you ever wondered why the cost of lemon is daily on the increase? Well, it is because they are thought to have numerous health benefits. Who doesn’t want to get a share from all that this pleasant fruit has to offer? Every part of the lemon fruit ranging from its juice, peel, oil, and leaves is useful to the core. You can attest that lemon juice is used as a preservative on some food items like bananas, apples and avocados that tend to turn brown after being peeled or cut.

The lemon peels are usually preserved inside various sizes of barrels and jars of salt. And are subsequently used in the preparation of a variety of dishes. The leaves are not left out as they are commonly used in the preparation of different kinds of tea and also serve as a spice for homemade meals.

Here are the different benefits of using lemon

Skin benefits of lemon

What are the skin benefits of lemon?

Removes Dark spots

The citric acid contained in lemon makes it a match for the removal of stubborn dark spots on the skin leaving the skin tone properly evened out.

Helps to control oily skin

Having an oily skin can be super annoying, but here’s a piece of exciting news, the citric acid in lemon has some level of skin dry effects when applied on the skin. To this end, you can apply a piece of cotton dipped in lemon juice on your face before retiring for the day and wash it off first thing in the morning.

Helps to freshen up dry lips

Lemon juice helps in the removal of dead dry skin cells that makes your lips rough. To soften your lip, you can apply just a little quantity of the lemon juice on your lips and allow till morning.

Helps to control body odour

Moving around with sweaty smelling skin can be embarrassing even after having a bath. This is usually common with individuals with a high metabolism. You can get rid of those smells by adding lemon juice to your bathing water. Yes, citric acid will help to minimize the odour produced when you sweat.

Used to bleach dark elbows and knees

Sometimes, some parts of the body can begin to get darker than some other parts especially the elbows and knees. To handle this, cut a lemon fruit and squeeze its juice into a bowl. Then apply it on the dark areas that you wish to lighten.

Brightens the skin

Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent. It contains vitamin C which helps to lighten the skin by reducing the effects of melanin and boosting the production of collagen.

Supports in the treatment of acne

Due to the acidic level of lemon, it possesses astringent qualities that certainly helps to reduce inflation and other things that contribute to the formation of acne.

Hair benefits of lemon

What are the benefits of applying lemon to the hair?

Scalp and dandruff treatment

Lemon is a natural remedy for dandruff. The citric acid available in lemon serves as an antifungal and anti-microbial agent that supports in the elimination of dandruff from the human hair.

Supports hair growth

Vitamin C which is one of the nutrients found in lemon helps in boosting the all-round production of collagen which increases the rate at which your natural hair grows

What are the health benefits of using lemon?

It helps to hydrate the body

Water is one of the major factors that help in the hydration of the body. Research has proven that lemon contains 88-89% of water. This is to say that taking lemon increases the quantity of water in your body.

It helps reduce weight gain

Lemons contain polyphenol antioxidants that support weight loss. It improves insulin resistance and helps to offset all the negative effects on blood sugar levels.

It supports quick digestion

Taking lemon helps in the cleansing of your body system and in the loosening of the toxins that float around your GI tract which further prevents constipation that may come because of accumulated toxins in the body. Lemons also contain acid which helps in the breaking down of food.

It helps to obstruct the formation of kidney stones

Lemon best known for its body cleansing abilities contains citric acid which ensures the increased volume of urine so as to create an environment that will be less favourable for the formation of kidney stones.

It contains essential nutrients that support the proper functioning of the body

Lemons contain a high level of vitamin C which is an antioxidant that protects the various body cells from free radicals that can damage them.

It freshens your breath

Lemon is most times used to get rid of bad smells caused by bacteria. It helps to stimulate saliva so as to ensure that the mouth does not get too dry to breed bacteria.

Immune booster

Lemon contains Vitamin C which helps in boosting the human immune system to enable it to fight against sickness and disease-causing germs.


Frequently asked question

Does Lemon brighten hair colour?

Yes, lemon helps to brighten your hair colour. To achieve this, pour a little quantity of lemon juice into a container and add your hair conditioner in it and mix thoroughly. Rub the mixture on your hair and sundry. Wash the mixture off your hair and dry. Try repeating this once a week for a month until you get the light hair colour you desire.

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