8 Effects (Benefits) Of Cloves On Hair

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8 Effects (Benefits) Of Cloves On Hair

Want to know the magic that cloves can work on your hair? Then this article is for you.

One of the things that individuals should consciously try to do is to take care of their bodies.  It does not reflect well on an individual if he or she does not maintain themselves, their hair, and their bodies in general.

Note that skincare is part of health care thus, neglecting your skin and other areas of your body means that you are not taking good care of your health.

This can be a little tasking for some people, but there are, however, options in nature that can help you do this. One of them is Clove.

Cloves To The Rescue

The clove tree produces flowers which when left to dry, can be used for various purposes and especially as spice. This tree is native to China and other parts of Asia though it can be found in various parts of the world today.

In the olden days, it was popularly used as spice and gained fame in the various parts of the world because of this use. However, today, it has been discovered that it has various health benefits for humans especially as it concerns skin care. This has obviously ignited huge interest in it and as such, interest in clove is now a thing.

The unique results gotten from the use of cloves on hair has daily convinced cosmologists that t is also very beneficial to your hair.

Here are 8 benefits to be gained from applying cloves on your hair. They include:

Hair Growth Stimulation

Some people experience poor hair growth and as such, resort to different hair shampoos, buy hair creams or resort to any other option shown to them as viable. However, using cloves offers you a natural solution to this hair growth challenge as it can stimulate hair growth.

Removes Dandruff

Dandruff in the hair is one common hair challenge that almost everyone faces. What causes it is quite unknown however, what studies, research and use has shown is that clove based oils or clove based hair treatment substances eliminates it from your hair.

Fights Scalp Irritations

Another hair challenge that you might be facing is scalp irritations. This hair challenge occurs as a result of dry scalp that has lasted a while. Clove based oils are able to enrich back your hair and heal your scalp and in so doing, stops the itch.

Prevents Early Grey Hairs

It is expected that people’s hair become grey in color with age. However, what baffles many is when they start having grey hairs in their youth or prime. Obviously, this is an anomaly, and it can sometimes be caused by genetics too. However, clove based hair treatment substances are able to prevent this early greying of hair.

Hair Falls

Hair falls just as the name suggests is a hair condition in which due to scalp disorders, climatic conditions or weak hair follicles, one’s hair keeps falling. By using cloves, this challenge can be halted as it is able to strengthen the shaft of your hair against breaking and falling.

Makes Your Tresses Shine

Lack of moisture might make your hair dry and rough and this is not a good look for your hair. With your hair in that state, it will usually be prone to hair damage, will easily cut and fall off and above all difficult to manage. However, clove based hair treatments will deeply enrich and condition your scalp and with continued usage, restore the shine in your hair.

Fights Infections

 Your hair is not immune to the infections that do attack your body. And though they are not so common these days, one may still have the experience of contracting lice and ringworm infections. With clove, you will be able to fight off these hair infections from your hair in particular and any infection that may affect your body.

Enriches Hair Scalp

The basic health benefit that clove adds to your hair is scalp enrichment. With it, you will not get to experience certain hair challenges in the first place.


Your hair health is just as important as any other area of your skin healthcare. Having learnt of the benefits of the clove spice and its derivatives, it is only wise that you try it out on your hair. You stand to benefit from it. 

You can also try out quality hair products that will leave your hair revived, full and long.

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