Vetiver Oil – Clear Acne In 30 Days With Vetiver Oil

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Vetiver Oil – Clear Acne In 30 Days With Vetiver Oil

Can The Vetiver Oil Clear Acne In 30 Days?

The answer to the above question is not far fetched and you will definitely get it before the end of this article. Enjoy!

Skin care is part of health care though many people do not take it as such. There is the wrong presumption that it is for models and for those in the beauty industry. This is simply not true as not taking good care of your skin will lead to your skin developing certain challenges that adversely affect you both mentally and otherwise.

Acne is one of such skin conditions that affect many people in our society today. It is caused by the over secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands. The oily substances block the skin pores and result in what is known as acne. Some people have it worse than others and it obviously doesn’t look good on anyone but proper skin care can take care of this challenge.

The Vetiver Oil

This is an essential oil obtained from the vetiver plant which is native to India. It belongs to the same grass family like the citronella and the lemon grass all of which can serve medicinal purposes and were in times past used for herbs. They also all do have a nice fragrance to them making them to be very much in demand by those who are in the beauty industry.

Benefits Of The Vetiver Oil On the Skin

Researchers have proven that  Vetiver Oil is very beneficial to all of it’s users both humans and animals. At the very least, it should be known that the vetiver oil is very beneficial to the skin in particular and in the human body’s health in general. However, some of its benefits on the skin include:

 Keeps Your Skin Well Moisturized

The vetiver oil has a very high water retention ability and therefore, when it is applied on the skin, it not only keeps your skin well moisturized, it lets it stay moisturized for as long as possible. This allows its moisturizing ability to permeate deep into your skin to nourish it well.

Evening Of Your Skin Tone

There are various factors that can result in your skin tone becoming uneven. Some of those factors include; sunburns, injuries and any other condition that can affect your skin tone. But with the vetiver oil, you can have it evened out and in the right tone.

Keeps Your Skin Ever Young

One of the consequences of maturing in age is that it begins to reflect on your skin. While that is in tune with your age and is also a sign that you are getting older, it is also an indication that your skin has accumulated some impurities and toxins which have also contributed in making your skin look the way it does. The vetiver oil is a very powerful antioxidant and helps to detoxify one’s sin making it look younger and fresher.

Can The Vetiver Oil Clear Acne In 30 Days?

The short answer to this question is yes! It definitely can do this for your skin. The vetiver oil is able to go and unclog the skin pores that are filled with oils secreted by the sebaceous glands. However, it has to be continuously used beyond the said 30-day mark or risk it coming back again on your face.

Again, there are combinations that can be mixed up with the vetiver oil for speedy and quicker results. However, caution must be exercised here so that one does not fall into the hands of quacks or scammers rather, proper skin care advice could be sought from skin care professionals (dermatologists) for guidance on how to go about it.


There are many benefits that can be gained from things in nature though we might just seem to be ignoring them in our modern world today. Vetiver oil is one such nature benefit.

For those who do not take their skincare seriously, it is time you do and one way to do that is by using the vetiver oil on your skin. Your skin will look better for it.

Most of our oils at Aeorganics contain Vetiver Oil and other essential oil that leave your skin glowing and spotless.

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