Hair Loss: Meaning, Causes and Fast Remedy

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Hair Loss: Meaning, Causes and Fast Remedy

Hair loss is an experience that no one wants to have Including you. You sure don’t want to look at your comb after combing and see lots of tangled hair on it. That sight alone can get you worried and depressed which will push you into looking for quick solutions to manage your hair loss.

Before we start explaining how to handle hair loss, we will, first of all, explain what hair loss is, what causes it and then how to manage it.
This is to help you know the activities to engage in or to avoid so that you will not experience hair loss again.

What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss (alopecia) is a situation that occurs when the very root of one’s hair which is basically referred to as the hair scale becomes tired or weak due to a lot of factors, which can either be external or internal.

It is a gradual process and so many people do not take notice until it has gotten worse.

It usually starts with hair breakage an uncontrollable frizz and split ends in the hair. The hair then gradually becomes thin and the hair volume begins to reduce in its volume. As the hair scale weakens further, the hair itself begins to shed off from its follicle.

How do I know that I am suffering from hair loss?

The above question is most times an unavoidable one because it is a normal thing to lose some strands of hair daily. Yes, this is because the hair travels through various stages and at the point its life cycle expires, it falls off to give way for a brand new strand to grow. The only challenge is to know when there is an excessive falling of hair strands.

Each hair strand is expected to complete its cycle but if the body is not in good condition, it reduces the proper functioning of the hair follicles and increases the falling of hair.
So if you notice a constant falling of a considerable number of hair strands daily then you should consult your doctor because it is abnormal and must have been caused by an internal or external factor from the environment.

What causes hair Loss?

Hair loss can be caused by various factors some of which are:

  • Poor diet
  • Side-effects of medication
  • Skin issues like dandruff and ice
  • Constant exposure of hair to metals that are in the water
  • Regular use of chemicals on hair
  • Weather conditions or seasonal changes
  • Unchecked weight loss routine
  • Stress

How do I treat hair loss?

Remedies to hair loss and hair fall

Avoid washing your hair with hot water

Washing your hair with hot water can be very comforting but it is not healthy for your hair. This is because it washes away the natural oils in your scalp leaving your hair dry and dehydrated.

When this happens the hair follicles become weak and a little stress from combing can pull them out.

Weaving tight hairstyles

Tight hairstyles are not good friends with your hair. Your hair scalp is sensitive and when the hair is pulled for a long time due to tight hair style it can pull out from it’s follicle. If consistently done can led to hair damage.

Although hair loss can be treated to an extent but, not all hair loss can be treated, though further damage can be prevented. Treatment for hair loss can vary and as such one is expected to try different methods until the desired outcome is achieved. This is to say that hair loss can take a while to treat so you have to be patient.


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