Importance of using Coconut Oil

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Importance of using Coconut Oil

Growing up, we have been more exposed to the local uses of coconut that we forget that almost every part of it is important to the human body. In this article, we will discuss the importance of coconut oil and how it improves the various parts of our body.

What is Coconut Oil?

A smart guess would be that; It is oil derived from the ground flesh of coconuts. It is a plant grease that is comfortably edible. This extract serves multiple purposes ranging from the preparation of smoothies to the improvement of hair growth and in the production of detergent. It comprises of an eccentric combination of nutrients and fats that makes it very useful for the treatment of various body issues including the skin.

By appearance, it is a solid fat that is whitish in colour. It tends to melt when kept in room temperatures of about 25 OC (78O F).  Due to its numerous uses, studies show that its consumption is estimated at 3.5 MT per annum.

Effects of Coconut oil on the skin

Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is one of the major integrant of the numerous skin disorders that are experienced today. But applying coconut oil helps prevent these skin issues. This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties that helps to ease inflammation of the skin through the improvement of the skin’s antioxidant status.

These antioxidants stabilize all the free radicals in the body thereby neutralizing all atoms that may react and lead to inflammation.

Destroys harmful microorganisms

Coconut oil contains (MCFAs) medium chain fatty acids which have antimicrobial properties that assist in the protection of the skin from harmful microorganisms since most of the regular skin infections are either caused by fungi or bacteria.

Moisturizes the skin

Coconut oil helps to keep the skin hydrated making it difficult for skin issues like itchy rashes to occur.

Promotes wound healing

Massaging your wound with coconut oil helps to speed up healing process. This is because this oil helps to improve the antioxidant and collagen status of your skin cells and they are important proteins that promotes wound healing. The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil also helps to prevent the penetration of infections that may complicate or delay the healing process.


Effects of coconut oil on your health

Helps to reduce stress

The antioxidant properties of coconut oil helps to relax the human nerves making it a good option for individuals that engage in stressful activities. A research proved that taking coconut oil helped to reduce the stress that resulted from chronic cold and exercise.

Helps to control blood sugar

Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which promote the preservation of insulin sensitivity in the body.

Helps to fight the development of candida in the body

Coconut oil contains highly anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the growth of Candida Albicans in the body.


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