The Magic Banana Works On Skin

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The Magic Banana Works On Skin

The Banana Magic just for your skin. 

One of the characteristics of us humans is the desire to explore. We are a naturally curious species and truth be told, we have gotten better as a result of this curiosity. We have come to learn and understand more about our environment and have even been able to use these understandings for our own benefit.

Obviously, this curiosity has not stopped. It is the driving force at the very base of the research and studies done in the various spheres of life, be it scientific or sociological studies. One thing that these studies try to do is to study and explore options and the probable benefits that it may have to offer to the society

One of the discoveries that have been made from these research studies is the benefits of banana on skin. Obviously, this is one fruit that is very popular the world over that is a pleasure to eat and which is also very nutritious. However, these studies have shown us that they can offer much more as it can be of great benefit to your skin.

Benefits Of The Banana On Your Skin

Basically, bananas are known to contain potassium and fiber and are of course very tasty, this is why we all love to eat it. However, much more than the dietary benefits that come with eating it, there are also benefits that it has to offer. This is why many in the health and wellness industry have taken a keen interest in it.

Today, there is such a thing as banana face masks and many people go for it. Here are some of the benefits that it has to offer your skin. They are:

1. Fights Wrinkles

With age, your skin’s collagen content naturally reduces which can make your skin less tight and in so doing, increases the wrinkles on your body and most prominently, your face. However, due to the silica content of the banana which can help restore the collagen content of the body and in so doing, reduce body and facial wrinkles, many are advised to use the banana face mask.

2. For A Glowing Skin

Applying the banana facemask to your skin is also helpful to either developing or maintaining a glowing skin. This is because bananas contain anti-oxidants that fight free radicals that may be on your skin healing and protecting you from free radical skincare cases and in return, you will get a glowing skin.

3. Helps Treat Acne

Acne is one skin condition that affects a lot of people and it is caused by the over secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands. Bananas however contain anti-microbial that can treat acne lesions. Also, it contains vitamin A which helps to contain the inflammation caused by acne on the skin. It also helps to heal scars from acne scars or hyperpigmentation.

4. Helps Your Dry Skin

Again, bananas contain vitamin B-6 plus potassium content which is really helpful for those with dry skin. Note, however, that the benefits that bananas offer do not mean that they should take the place of your body creams or moisturizers. This is just to show you the benefits and the contents of bananas.

5. It’s A Sunscreen

Due to the fact that bananas contain antioxidants, they can act as sunscreens and increase your skin’s ability to prevent sun damage. However, sunscreens are still your best option.


There are many things in nature that are for our own good. Most times, they are the common and regular things that we have come to overlook. 

Thanks to science that was developed as a result of that innate human desire to explore. Now, we know the benefits of certain fruits like bananas.  

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