Top 8 Effects of Olive oil on your Skin

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Top 8 Effects of Olive oil on your Skin

Olive oil, a common pantry staple mostly known for its numerous health benefits has most times been treated as a last thought when it comes to skincare and freshening. This is because we mostly saw our grandmothers use it just for Mediterranean purposes and as one of the key ingredients for their cooking.

Read on to discover the several beauty-enhancing benefits you enjoy by just applying olive oil also known as liquid gold on your skin.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.


What is Olive oil?

Olive oil just as the name implies is the liquid fat that is derived when whole olives are pressed. This oil is usually used for several purposes ranging from household cooking, medication, soaps, cosmetics, and even fuel for most traditional lamps.

What are the benefits of applying olive oil on skin?

Olive oil contains stupendous properties that are healthy for the skin. Although most of its benefits have not been explored, here are the proven effects that olive oil gives to your skin.


It moisturizes your skin

Oil from the olive plant contains a reasonable quantity of vitamin E which is known for its acts as an antioxidant. This helps to protect the skin from external elements that would have likely affected the skin texture. It hydrates and properly nourishes all skin types including the most sensitive ones. You can also add it to top skincare products with other essential nutrients that will help to better moisturize your skin.

It is used for the treatment of various skin diseases

The oil from the olive plant helps to improve skin health which is as a result of its vitamin E contents. It also treats skin inflammation, pimples, acne, and does a great job in protecting the skin from other skin diseases like eczema, skin cancer, and psoriasis.

It helps to reduce signs of aging

Olive oil contains a high quantity of polyphenols and as such has antiaging and antioxidant properties that are capable of acting against the reactions or effects of pollution, harmful sun rays, free radical formations, and other natural external factors that promote aged appearance to visible parts of the skin.

Helps to prevent skin damage and repairs already damaged tissues

The vitamins contained in olive oil provide it with regenerative properties that help in both the quick repair of skin tissues such as cracked heels and in the regulation of the appearance of some certain face/skin bacterial.

Research has proven that the antioxidant properties of olive oil help to prevent or in most cases minimize the appearance of certain skin diseases on the skin.


Clearing of scars

The vitamins and antioxidants contained in olive oil help to fade skin scares. This they achieve by simply helping the skin cells and tissues to regenerate.

To quickly clear your scars, gently massage the fresh undiluted oil into scared areas of the skin. You can also add a little quantity of lemon juice. This mixture will help to treat areas that have been darkened.


Smoothing of lip

You can always apply the natural olive oil on your lip to save it from drying out. It is one of the major ingredients used in the production of lip scrubs.

Wound healing

Olive oil is great for the quick healing of wounds. It contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and microbial features that helps to improve the formation of new epithelial tissues in the wound so as to accelerate the wound healing process.
To apply, wash the wound with clean warm water, allow for few seconds and then rub the oil and allow to dry.


Frequently asked questions


Is it good to put olive oil on your skin?

Yes, it is good to apply olive oil on your skin. But you should ensure that it is applied minimally on your skin say once a day.


What can olive oil do for my skin?

The oil from the olive plant being rich in multiple vitamins helps to moisturize, freshen and regenerate the skin cells and tissues. Making it suitable for all weather. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that helps to prevent oxidation and premature aging caused by wrinkles, stress, and sun rays


Is it bad to put olive oil on your skin?

No, it is not bad to apply olive oil on your skin. Although, you must be conscious of the fact that it must be applied in small quantities to avoid the clogging of the pores.


Is it ok to put olive oil on your face?

Yes, you can apply olive oil on your face. But before applying, try to first apply on a hidden part of your skin and leave for 24 hours. This is to ensure that your skin is comfortable with it. For the record, this oil is regularly used as a major ingredient in the production of most face wash products.

Does olive oil darken the skin?

No, olive oil doesn’t darken the skin. It moisturizes the skin and helps it to maintain its original texture and smoothness.

Can olive oil whiten skin?

Research has proven that olive oil has just slight skin-lightening effects. This is because it does not contain natural bleaching substances like citric acid that help promote skin whitening.

What are the disadvantages of olive oil?

The major disadvantage of olive oil is the fact that it contains a high quantity of fat. This is not healthy for neither the skin or face as careless application in large quantities on the skin may lead to the clogging of skin pores which results in skin irritation or bacterial infections like acne.


Can I leave olive oil on my face overnight?

Yes, you can leave olive oil on your face overnight. But be careful enough to remember not to apply the oil again in the morning, this is because the one you applied at night will leave your skin hydrated and fresh enough for the day.


Can olive oil reduce scars?

Yes, oil from the olive plant can help to fade scars simply by supporting the regeneration of the skin cells.


Does olive oil remove dark spots?

Depending on one’s skin type, olive oil can help clear and fade dark spots to a manageable extent.


Can I use olive oil on my skin every day?

Yes, you can use olive oil on your skin daily, but it must not be more than two drops to avoid the clogging of your pores.


Does olive oil grow eyelashes?

Yes, to a little extent olive oil helps to ensure the good health and proper conditioning of the eyelashes which can help to improve eyelash growth.


Does olive oil make your skin look younger?

Yes, olive oil has the necessary anti-inflammatory properties that help protect the skin from natural damages. It also contains monounsaturated fat which ensures that the skin remains elastic looking fresh and smooth.


Is olive oil good for Aging skin?

Yes, olive oil is good for aging skin. The antioxidant component of the oil helps to reduce and sometimes clear aging signs and wrinkles.


How long should I leave olive oil on my eyelashes?

For quick results apply a drop of olive oil on your eyelashes. Massage for few seconds then leave the oil on for say 15 mins. Then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Does olive oil make your lips soft?

Yes, olive oil makes your lips soft when you apply it because it naturally contains moisturizing properties that heals both cracked and dry lips.

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