Turmeric Oil For Rough Skin

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Turmeric Oil For Rough Skin

Turmeric powder is a cooking condiment that is on most kitchen shelves. If you don’t know what it does for our skin then this article is a sure read for you. Enjoy!!!

It has been a trend in the society for some time now that suddenly, one herb or fruit or some discovery somewhere becomes touted as a one stop shop for all health issues. Well, such hyped up miracle products usually seem to lose their awe with time as people move on with their lives or find out that there is a fault with the product.

However, one thing is for sure; and that is that there are various health benefits to be gained from using certain herbs, fruits and vegetables for human health. One example of such a vegetable is the turmeric oil which has been proven to have great benefits on the skin.

What is Turmeric Oil?

This is a herbaceous plant native to Southeast Asia primarily India where there are over 40 turmeric species and then in Thailand where there are up to 30 species of this plant. However, it is grown in different parts of the world today and is primarily used as spice when cooking. The turmeric oil is gotten from the turmeric plant itself.

Historically though, it has always been used as a herb in both the Indian and Chinese traditional medical practices. It also served various health purposes in other cultures and even till today, it can be useful health wise however, we want to look into its benefits on the skin.

Benefits Of Turmeric Oil On The Skin

Helps Fight Sun Burns

Depending on the part of the world where you reside, it might be fun to go outdoors and expose yourself to the sun. However, this might result in sunburns on your skin which is not a good look for you. Your solution to this occurrence is using turmeric on your skin as it helps your skin to heal from sun burns and its effects on your skin.

Helps Heal Wounds Fast

When you are wounded, your body feels pain, heat and redness. This is because your body is trying to stop the wounded part from getting infected by sending the healing enzymes and the white blood cells to the injured area. However, turmeric is able to calm the inflammation caused by this process while also speeding up the healing process.

Helps Treat Scabies

Depending on where your body has been exposed to or if you reside in an environment that is prone to mite infestations, then there is the possibility of their festering on your skin where they might lay eggs. Long story short, this leads to scabies which is terrible for your skin, however, turmeric helps you handle this skin condition fast.

Eliminates Acne Scars On The Skin

Acne is one popular skin infection that many people encounter in society today. There are many recommendations and many products for its treatment however, even when it goes, it still does leave its scars on the face making it to not be very pleasant. However, turmeric oil is able to remove these scars on your face giving it the fresh and smooth look that you desire.


One aspect of healthcare that people do not take too seriously is skin care. However, all aspects of healthcare are important as neglect of any could have unpalatable consequences.

To this end, turmeric oil can be of great help to bring back your skin’s glow and health. Note however, that primarily, the first person to consult for your skin care challenges is your dermatologist for a professional assessment. Again, you might need to use a combination of products including the turmeric oil to get the desired results that you need but it is only a professional that will guide on how to proceed with this.

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