What Lemongrass Oil Does To Your Hair

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What Lemongrass Oil Does To Your Hair

Lemongrass oil does a lot of great stuff on your hair, but you may never get to know these things if materials like this are not put out for you. So enjoy your read.

Prior to the coming into play of modern science, especially in the area of healthcare, humans relied on a lot of herbs for their health challenges. These herbs (or even vegetables and fruits) were to certain extents useful in the treatment of the prevailing ailments of the time. It need not be emphasized that these herbs were what they knew and had to depend on at the time.

One such herb/vegetable or fruit was the lemongrass. The lemongrass is a herb mostly found in Asia, Africa and Australia and its various species have over the years been used for different reasons and purposes mostly related to health and nutrition. However, studies have shown that it has many benefits for human hair.

Lemongrass For The Hair?

Yes! And many in the health and wellness industry have it as one of the ingredients in their hair creams and in their other beauty products, this tells you of its general efficacy. However, here are some of the benefits that it has to offer to the hair.

Deep Scalp Cleansing

The first notable benefit of the lemongrass to the hair that many do not know about is deep scalp cleansing. Due to the body’s secretion of sebum (an oily wax that protects the skin) which can sometimes be over-secreted resulting in the blocking of the pores through which blood should flow to your hair. This affects hair growth both in the quality of hair produced and the quantity if not cleansed with lemongrass.

Makes Your Hair Look Better

Following from the above point, the obvious benefit that will be observed by you and other people is that your hair begins to look healthier and shinier. This is simply because, with the scalp cleansed and with increased blood flow to your hair, it becomes shinier and less dull. Therefore, rather than using chemical products on your hair, why not try a natural herb and natural products?

Improves Hair Growth

Also following from the above point of making your hair look healthier and shinier also comes the added benefit of improved hair growth. This is because, with your hair getting better blood flow to it, it inevitably grows at a better rate than it used to.

It Has A Great Scent

One of the great benefits of using the lemongrass when compared to other natural herbs is that it has a great scent and this is a great advantage. This is because, after applying it on your hair, you can still carry it outside without the scent being an embarrassment to yourself and disturbing to other people.

It Can Be Mixed With Other Oils

For those who use essential oils on their hair and even the body, the challenge usually is about finding the right combination that will be good for your hair and that would still have that great fragrance. The answer to this is the lemongrass. It can blend with multiple oils (not all oils though) plus, it has a great scent.

Fights Dandruff

That one most famous hair challenge that everybody battles at one point or the other is the dandruff with the great itching and discomfort that it brings. Lemongrass helps you to fight it off your hair within seven days according to some studies. Its efficacy is not in doubt.


It is important that we take good care of our body as lack of proper care can lead to certain challenges that we would ordinarily prefer to avoid. Our hair is part of our body and its neglect can be very uncomfortable for the individual.

For this reason, we should take good care of it the best way possible that we can as individuals. And lemongrass is one way that we can do that.

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